In a previous entry, I noted an episode of “The Bob Newhart Show” featured a storyline in which Bob’s character was expected to give a presentation at a nudist resort.  If you’re curious, the series is available on Hulu.  To save you the trouble of hunting for the episode in question, it’s season 5, episode 15, titled “The Ironwood Experience.”

Upon re-watching the show, I realized the segment where Bob is talking with the resort director is actually spot-on when it comes to the subject of being clothes-free (nonsexually).  The director talks about how it feels wonderful to not wear clothes, how it also is relaxing and relieves tension.  He notices Bob’s discomfort with nudity and shares how he himself was uptight before embracing the clothes-free lifestyle.  Lastly, he also points out how the resort doesn’t publicize the nudity as they don’t want to attract the people who will come there to just stare at others.

Oakwood’s promotional material says very much the same things (except Oakwood and every other AANR club are very clear about the nudity).  It was refreshing to see how a show from the 1970’s “got it right” regarding why some people choose social nudism.  Sadly I doubt we will see such accurate material in any of today’s sitcoms.

If you haven’t experienced being clothes-free in a social setting, how about giving it a try before another year is gone?  AANR, among others, has plenty of information on where to go naked outside and be perfectly within the law.  So whether it’s a club, a beach, a boat, or a clothes-free B&B, just go ahead and do it!

You’ll be glad you did.