In writing for a blog centered on the nudist lifestyle (genuine nudism that is not connected with titillation, swinging, or other sexual-centered activity), one challenge is coming up with subjects that can keep people’s interest and don’t become repetitive.  

Yet…perhaps there are things that bear mentioning often.  

In the last few weeks I had conversations with women that warrant attention in this space.  I did get permission from the individuals to share these stories here.  

One exchange was with a member, who talked about her first experience here at Oakwood.  She said her initial visit (the first time she ever went clothes-free in a social setting) generated many thoughts and feelings.  Noteworthy was her statement that shedding her clothes in an environment that was non-sexual did wonders for her being positive about her body.  

In her own words, “It was a weight off my shoulders, and it doesn’t matter what I look like.”  

Another story took place here just a few weeks ago.  A member invited a friend to Oakwood (both are women).  The friend, after being clothes-free for an overnight visit, said: “I was able to let myself go and just be me!”  

I wasn’t around for this conversation but I’d bet good money she was smiling when she said that.  

True naturist/nudist blogs make note of these subjects constantly but it can’t be said enough times:  When people are clothes-free in a non-sexual, safe, friendly environment, their own sense of self improves and their body positivity increases.  In a short time you are not as concerned about, say, that weight you were convinced you needed to lose.  You see all varieties of body types and realize there is no need for shame about yourself.  Plus, people are friendly.  You truly don’t know anything about a person’s financial or social status when everyone is unclothed.  It simply doesn’t matter.  That makes it easier to start conversations and create new friendships.  

I’m delighted to write on this subject.  I might do so again.  And again.