When you belong to a club or organization, a dreaded term that rolls out at least once a year is “work day.”  Only the most devoted, or people who like to stay perpetually busy, generally respond well to these requests.

Full transparency: In most cases, I am not in those above categories.

What can make a club work day tolerable and even enjoyable?

What if…….people had the option to do the work without clothes?

That was the case on May 14.  When the email went out regarding the Oakwood work day I decided no matter which tasks I was assigned, if I could do them without wearing clothes that would make the time more pleasant.

And by more pleasant I don’t mean in a sexual way, or anything lurid.  Rather, there is the freedom that comes from being able to do non-sexual activities clothes-free.  Nudists understand this, and perhaps this is one of the most important factors to share with people who don’t understand the nudist/naturist lifestyle.

To my delight, the job list for the work day involved a significant amount of outdoor work.  Raking up the septillion leaves that dropped over last fall and winter, weeding and cleaning out the flower beds, getting the volleyball courts ready, and clearing a new area on the east end of the property, just to name a few.

Fortunately, May 14 provided sunshine and warmth to where I eventually shed my layers and got some rays.  Plus, after what seemed like a long winter I needed a good dose of Vitamin D. That, combined with a healthy slather of sunscreen, made the tasks tolerable.  Or dare I say enjoyable?

Not only the sun’s rays but also the feeling of air over one’s whole body.  Sweat and dirt don’t seem as bothersome when one is clothes-free.

Have you ever tried doing the boring, mundane household chores in the nude?  I have (although I generally avoid doing this during Minnesota’s winter months) and it does make a difference.  Since I live in a subdivision, I do need to keep my curtains or blinds closed while I’m au natural.  Still, it’s my preferred attire whether the task is laundry, washing dishes, or vacuuming.

I am an Oakwood member and have a campsite to maintain.  Last summer I engaged in the usual routine of first mowing the grass, then using the weedwacker for the finishing touches.  Afterward, I removed my clothes, turned on my camper’s outdoor shower and rinsed off in the great outdoors!

It was awesome.  Getting all of the clippings and dirt off my body without even having to go indoors, then using the warm summer air to dry off was even better than I expected.  I look forward to the chance to do that again this season.

And…here’s hoping the next work day again features warm temps!