Welcome! If you’ve come to this page, you’ve probably browsed around our site and it has piqued your interest enough that you’re seriously considering visiting – GASP! – a nudist campground! Please review the rates below and then go to our Guest Registration page for next steps.

Maybe you live in the area, are dipping your toe in the water and just want to visit for the day. Since we’re an American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) affiliated club, AANR members get a discount on day rates:

AANR Member: $30/day                              

Non-AANR Member: $40/day

Are you visiting from outside the area, or are local but don’t want to have to drive home at the end of the day? We offer a variety of accommodations: you can bring in your own camper and rent a lot with electric and sewer hookups, stay in one of our rental trailers, or pitch your tent on one of our campsites under the trees. If you haven’t looked at our rental trailers yet, you will find photos here. Rates per night are listed below:

Camping Site:  $10 member, $15 non-member

RV Lot: $30 member, $40 non-member

Small RV rental: $50

Large RV rental: $60

Many people enjoy their visit so much they decide to become Oakwood Club members. Our annual fees include membership in AANR, which gives you discounts at other nudist resorts around the country, includes the monthly AANR Bulletin magazine, and connects you with the larger naturist community.

Membership Fees:  (Day Member – unlimited visits during a season):
Single: $298 / Couple: $596  (plus applicable taxes)

The Day Member rate includes the Annual Membership Fee of $140 per person, capital improvement fees to help keep our grounds beautiful, a one-time initiation fee, and AANR membership for those who are not already members. The Membership Fee is prorated as the summer season progresses.

Annual Lot Fee: $650 (Optional, if you want to keep a camper at Oakwood year-round.)