Oakwood Talent Show 7PM


Show off your hidden talent at our talent show. Members and guests can participate. Last time this activity was a hoot and we're looking forward to it again.


The midwest AANR convention is July 16th - 23rd. All kinds of activities going on including golf, pickleball, washer, cornhole, euchre, water balloon toss. This is going to be fun […]

Family Pickleball 1PM

Pickleball Courts

Let's play pickleball! Come and learn how to "dink".

Card Game Night 7PM


Bring your favorite card game down to the clubhouse and enjoy a fun night of socializing and laughter.

Pickleball 1PM

Pickleball Courts

Get into the fun of nude pickleball. Find out all the rage and see for yourself why all the fun.

Club Garage Sale/Auction


Come on down to the commons area and see what treasures await you. This is a fun event that brings lots of laughs.

Poolside Party 6PM

Grab a box of wine and bring a dessert to share poolside. Perhaps another edition of water cornhole?

Pickleball 1PM

Pickleball Courts

Come check out the pickleball in the buff and you too can be nudist in the pickleball world.

Volleyball Practice 9:30AM

Volleyball Courts

Get your energy rising with some robust volleyball practice. This is an open volleyball and all skill levels are invited to join in the fun.